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Women and Nonbinary People in Information Security: Ashanti

Last week, I had a very informative chat with my friend, CISO and cybersecurity policy expert Magda Chelly. I learned a lot about the Chief Information Security Officer role from her.

This week, I spoke to Ashanti, who’s a security-minded Rust developer. She also enjoys making music, but she’s not the pop star who worked with Ja Rule. Her path in her computing career has been inspiring. Few black women are visible in computing. She also enlightened me on the difference between blockchain and holochain.

Kim Crawley: Please tell me a bit about yourself and what you do professionally.

Ashanti: I am an artist and Rust developer. I like to make music, but I also do enjoy developing software!

Professionally, I am working for holochain as a Rust developer. I essentially fight with the Rust compiler until it wins. Ha!

KC: Are there any security concerns with Rust that you have to be mindful of?

A: The good thing about working with Rust is that it is a safe language, so it minimizes the mistakes you can make. That is what I like about it. Unsafe pointers, problematic concurrency and safe memory sharing is embedded into the compiler checks, so it helps avoid potential pitfalls.

KC: Did your development work spark your interest in security?

A: Yes it did. I have always been paranoid about putting software out there. But my focus is putting out software the safe way. I think I owe it to people using software to at least make sure they are protected.

KC: Have you done a lot of security patching?

A: Not as much as I would like to, but it is always something I have been interested in.

KC: Do IT people have misconceptions about the (Read more...)

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