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Published on February 10th, 2019 📆 | 3811 Views ⚑


WPA/WPA2 Evil Twin Attack – MITM

Hey guys! HackerSploit here back again with another video, in this video, I will be showing you how to perform the evil twin attack on WPA/WPA2 wireless networks.

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I Hope you enjoy/enjoyed the video.
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49 Responses to WPA/WPA2 Evil Twin Attack – MITM

  1. Hey Alexis, great video and gives good insight on the steps to setup the evil twin.
    however, i am running into the following error log , please let me know if anything can be done for this.
    "Error: Got channel -1, expected a value > 0."

  2. Bro …also made this video on how to do on a macbook…..

  3. Sir when will you publish part 2 of the video?

  4. Do i have to use linux ?

  5. (to get the original networks password (i know this isn't the point of the video) )Cant we start the spoof network with it being locked (with a random password) and when their device automatically connects to our spoof network we somehow capture the key they are automatically sending to connect with us?

  6. Sam Bris says:

    Could you please assist as in this video, there are not steps on how to Build a Bridge Between Interfaces & no steps to set up DHCP.

  7. first "indian tech guy" who I enjoyed listening to

  8. Am I the only one to notice that the new network essid is different ?
    Original ona is Alexis and the second one Alexi, without S ..

  9. how can i get the PSWD of the wifi

  10. I am waiting for the second part 😁😁😁

  11. shellbr3ak says:

    God bless you Alexis your videos are awesome, I've been looking for this long time ago

  12. I'm just a 13 years old trying to reset the Username and Password of my modem and here i am watching an attack

  13. wps version 2.0 hack please

  14. The more videos I watch the scarier this shit gets. Fak!!!

  15. Impossible to follow from an iPhone (reading)

  16. My Fake Ap Is not showing

  17. Where is the second part man??

  18. wi_read(): Network is down
    Any ideas?

  19. Amazing video! I do this manually creating my own honeypot not knowing you can just use airbase-ng to do it. Great vid!

  20. Upload second part of the video soon..thanks for the this video..

  21. How do u do the intercepting part ?

  22. can anyone send me link to that video where he shows how to actually spoof the traffic in the network?

  23. hostapd_free_hapd_data: interface wlan1 wasn't start what can 1 do for this

  24. What’s the easiest way to grab a WiFi password from a known network? In this case the network is asking for a username and password.

  25. When will the next video come up?

  26. This Hack make me rich 1 week ago

  27. Can you show us how to unzip a zip folder? Thx sir.

  28. faiza ben says:

    Hello :
    مرحبا . انا لا أفهم الإنجليزياء جيدا .لذا أرجو الترجم بالعربية وممكن ترينا طريقة إختراق فيسبوك شخص معين وتجسس عليه دون حذف حسابه!؟أرجو الرد please

  29. ATXpert says:

    how do i setup a wireless adpater?

  30. If the Wifi requires both a username and password, will they both be detected?

  31. Dead Man says:

    will i need 2 wifi interface??

  32. Zero Dahl says:

    How did you bring up the terminal command underneath the airodump-ng window? I always end up having to open up a new terminal window. ta.

  33. Dragneel says:

    Where's the next video?

  34. Lolo says:

    Is this possible without monitor mode on a VM?

  35. Does anyone know? MITM is possible in the following case: the attacker's computer is connected to the router via wi-fi, and the victim's computer via the cable? Is it possible by connecting via a cable to a router to avoid this vulnerability?

  36. yo this didn't work, im pretty sure hacking isn't this easy anyways, but thanks for the lesson man

  37. Thanks again You are the best

  38. City Mafia says:

    I have a problem that when I use this method I am unable to get connected devices which is connected to the following network what to do ?

  39. Taylor says:

    Where is part 2 to this video

  40. Great video sir😀
    Sir I m a research scholar and i have chosen Evil twin attack as my thesis topic, So i would like to know how we can mitigate this attack? 🤗

  41. Awesome vid, have you posted next video yet?

  42. hey i just dont know where the password is stored, so far everything is clear

  43. nohupt says:

    Where is the MITM attack video?

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