Videos Writing Bad @$$ Malware For OS X

Published on December 29th, 2015 📆 | 1942 Views ⚑


Writing Bad @$$ Malware For OS X

by Patrick Wardle

In comparison to Windows malware, known OS X threats are really quite lame. As an Apple user that has drank the ‘Apple Juice,’ I didn’t think that was fair!

From novel persistence techniques, to native OS X components that can be abused to thwart analysis, this talk will detail exactly how to create elegant, bad@ss OS X malware. And since detection is often a death knell for malware, the talk will also show how OS X’s native malware mitigations and 3rd-party security tools were bypassed. For example I’ll detail how Gatekeeper was remotely bypassed to allow unsigned download code to be executed, how Apple’s ‘rootpipe’ patch was side-stepped to gain root on a fully patched system, and how all popular 3rd-party AV and personal firewall products were generically bypassed by my simple proof-of-concept malware.

However, don’t throw out your Macs just yet! The talk will conclude by presenting several free security tools that can generically detect or even prevent advanced OS X threats. Armed with such tools, we’ll ensure that our computers are better protected against both current and future OS X malware.

So unless you work for Apple, come learn how to take your OS X malware skills to the next level and better secure your Mac at the same time!

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