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Published on January 29th, 2015 📆 | 2561 Views ⚑


Xbox Live servers knocked down offline since yesterday; Anonymous claims responsibility

Since yesterday gamers have been reporting problems with playing Call of Duty : Advance Warfare Havoc DLC on Xbox Live and many confirmed that they could only log in intermittently.  While Xbox Live for Xbox One is completely unreachable.  Xbox One users cannot sign into Xbox Live, causing them to be unable to play multiplayer games, watch YouTube or Netflix, or many other features of the system.


Many of the users have taken to Facebook and Twitter to vent their fury about the unavailability of Xbox Live service.  Microsoft on its part has issued a statement which reads
“Xbox members, are you having difficulties signing in to Xbox Live? We’re working to get this cleared up as soon as possible! Thanks for staying patient in the meantime. Check back in in a half hour for an update on this issue.”

Attack of the Fanboy says that the Xbox Live started facing problems with login at around 5pm ET, with both Xbox 360 and Xbox One down. Since then the Xbox 360 seems to have improved, but Xbox One is still having issues.


A Twitter Account belonging to an Anonymous hacktivist member group has claimed that it was responsible for the attack and as of now owned 80% of Xbox Live servers.  The Twitter handle @occupythemob tweeted alleged in support of hashtag #BlackLivesMatter,

Other than the above statement, Microsoft has not given any official reason has been given for the current outage.  Xbox Live was previously knocked out of service during the Christmas holidays by the infamous hacker group, Lizard Squad.

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One Response to Xbox Live servers knocked down offline since yesterday; Anonymous claims responsibility

  1. John says:

    Wow. This article is pretty dumb, fake, and loaded with false information.

    1. Xbox Live was only down for about an hour or two, and it is up and working find right now.

    2. Who the hell has ever heard of this website “”? … Wtf?

    3. Anonymous does not bring down Xbox Live. They find it stupid and pointless. Usually when Anonymous does something, they have a good reason (most of the time). When Xbox Live was taken down over Christmas, it was not Anonymous, it was this even more dumb group called Lizard Squad. Anonymous was actually trying to DDoS Lizard Squad back because Anonymous thought bringing down Xbox Live was stupid and pointless.

    4. What makes you think “@occupythemob” is any kind of “official” twitter account for Anonymous? There literally is NO “official” Anonymous twitter account. At all.

    5. Really… You expect people to believe that 80% of the Xbox Live servers are now controlled by Anonymous… You’re joking, right?

    This is the biggest load of bullshit I’ve seen in a while.

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