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Xiaomi shows off 3rd generation under-display camera technology, smartphones coming in 2021

Xiaomi today introduced its third-generation under-display smartphone camera technology, which the company says is the best solution for under-screen cameras, with perfect display and selfies. The first generation of under-screen camera technology that was introduced in June 2019 with transparent cathode and anode materials laid the foundation for the subsequent development of under-screen camera technology, said the CEO Lei Jun.

The second generation under-screen camera technology was introduced in October 2019. The third-generation under-screen camera technology has full-pixel display and pixel-gap imaging, achieving a balance between perfect display and improved selfie performance.

Standard punch-hole camera with 4 RGB pixels vs under-display  with 1 RGB vs 3rd Gen under-display with 4 RGB pixels

In the third generation, the OLED screen is almost opaque. To achieve transparency, a special pixel arrangement has been adopted in the camera area under the screen, which allows the screen to pass light through the gap area of sub-pixels. The advantage brought by this is that each unit pixel still retains a complete RGB sub-pixel (Sub-Pixel) display without sacrificing pixel density. Compared with the common solutions in the market, the display area of the camera under the Xiaomi third-generation screen has doubled the number of pixels in both horizontal and vertical directions, achieving the same pixel density and display accuracy as the normal display area, and the full display of point-to-point physical pixels, and achieves the same Brightness, colour accuracy and colour gamut.

In the third generation, Selfie imaging is on par with the traditional front-facing cameras. Due to new pixel arrangement scheme, Xiaomi’s third-generation under-screen cameras have also been redesigned to further improve the light transmittance of the under-screen camera area. Combined with Xiaomi’s self-developed camera optimization algorithm, the under-screen camera achieves almost the same imaging performance as any other front camera.

Xiaomi says that the 3rd generation under-screen camera technology is ready to enter the mass production next year, so we can see smartphones with this tech in 2021.


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