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Published on June 3rd, 2020 📆 | 7346 Views ⚑


youtube's "dark web community" is a literal joke

youtube’s “dark web community” is a literal joke

Hey everyone! welcome back to my channel :)) i hope you’re all having a good weekend and apologies in advance if this video ruins it because i truly think ive found some of the most mind-numbing content on youtube beyond daily vloggers lol. i stumbled on this community that im going to call the ~dark web community~, for the sake of easy reference, a few weeks back and decided it could be fun to explore together and try to understand how tf this genre of content is raking in millions of views when its undoubtedly 100% fake. there are a lot of different kinds of videos you can find in the ~dark web community~ but today we’re going to focus on some of the “dark web mystery box unboxing” videos for two reasons 1) every other kind of video likely has a jump scare and i have the fear tolerance of a chihuahua and 2) they’re the videos with the most INSANE reaches by the youtubers doing them in an effort to link the contents of the boxes to some outrageous click-bait worthy instance.

So hopefully you guys enjoy exploring the community with me (apologies in advance if you lose a brain cell). btw if you have any video suggestions feel free to drop the in the comments or dm me on IG or twitter bc i’m always looking for ideas! anYWAYS i really hope you guys enjoy and otherwise have a great week :)))

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if you see this comment: “that IS my man pope john paul”

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31 Responses to youtube's "dark web community" is a literal joke

  1. Rain says:

    Wowwww some African dolls shedding hair that was stitched into them sooo spooooky 😑

  2. BDKSHDJS kpop starts playing 😖 that’s scary ma’am

  3. If they actually did anything with the "dark web" you would not receive a package, and your credit card would be drained. 🙄

  4. When I act surprised someone unfortunately caught me shaving my bush on my mom's bed😬

    HaIr HuH wHaT

  5. HIIIII the song in the second vid from the tape when casey was making a joke was a kpop song! woowa by dia! please check them out

  6. mb says:

    Drink everytime they said "weird"

  7. The girl next to him getting visibly frustrated when he’s trying to make the dolls creepy is a mood

  8. Jenna Ryan says:

    I thought that white mould thing was Jared Leto

  9. Icybird999 says:

    15:40 New subscriber, just found out you're a KPOP fan

  10. I imagine if you buy a mystery box from the dark web, it would be filled with body parts. Also, what if that VHS tape was the video of the girl from The Ring 😂

  11. that was super insensitive of them to pick up what appear to be dolls inspired by African culture or made in Africa and then freak out over them as if they were cursed or creepy. they're just dolls with dark skin and (seemingly, I'm not an expert by any means) African garb

  12. Maxie S says:

    totally not faked

  13. You're the best. Binging I just found you. Some of your jokes make me literally giggle. I can't imagine what the ppl I live with think I've never just laughed loud asf out of the blue before from a YouTuber.

    I don't know how to spell binge + ing. So hopefully it's binging. Or maybe it's bingeing. Whatever you're the best Casey

  14. Dolls freak me out. They are legit the creepiest shit ever invented. TO BE CLEAR, im talking about THE PLASTIC KIND YOU GET FROM TOY STORES.

  15. *sips tea* says:

    Joana Ceddia a.k.a John Cena just screeched-

  16. This is crazy I have that same my little pony backpack

  17. iirc, the "deep web" is anything that needs a password to access in full. streaming services, interest, hell even my school website, are all parts of the deep web. the dark web refers tp just straight-up illegal shit.

  18. Young MC says:

    Every time you open a dark web mystery box, Decepticon noises happen

  19. the 'liar' jesus picture doesn't seem like an ominous satanic ritual picture, it reminds me more of a 14 year old who literally just became an atheist and realized he could talk whatever shit abt god he wanted.

  20. Catalina says:

    The dice word combos sounds like a death grips song lmao

  21. Abby B says:

    So your saying I can go to my garage, throw a bunch of stuff in a box and sell it as a dark web “mystery box”?

  22. the little jesuschrist statue that follows you with the eyes creeps the shit out of me but because my mom has one of those as a 3d frame in our bedroom and it has its eyes painted in neon, so when you turn off the lights, you can see both eyes, that's hella creepier than this mistery box tbh

  23. Nasda says:

    What was that kpop song that played

  24. This is sooo dumb how does this exist

  25. Jerry Lyu says:

    14:55 i'm from uoft and the name peepeepoopoo man still haunts me in my dreams

  26. If you want to see the real deep web watch JustAnOrdinaryGamer they literally have “chair hub” on the deep web it’s not that scary there are bad things but usually it’s just weird stuff

  27. Seems like easy money… Just put some random shit that you don't need any more or was going to throw away, in a box and charge 300 dollars for it.

  28. "there's somthing hard in the front-section"
    my stupid fuckig useless mind : that's what she said.

  29. Thank you for scaring the shit out of me with Woowa-

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